Payment. If you wish to proceed with an order, a deposit of 1/3 rd of the overall cost will be requested please note that your order will not be processed until we have received your deposit payment. Unless you have an established credit account please make sure you have made the necessary arrangements to pay the full balance to us the day before fitting commences. Payment may be made by cheque, card details can be phoned through to the shop or you can make payment via bank transfer –

Account Name: Cotswold Carpets Ltd
Bank: Lloyds TSB
Account No: 36894560
Sort Code 30-95-75

Please ensure that the invoice number or your surname followed by the 1 st line of address is stated as the reference to enable it to be matched to the correct account.

Tex-guard. Some carpets may benefit from being protected with a Tex-Guard. This can be applied for an additional cost of £3.95m². This is an optional extra, so if you require the service please contact us to calculate price for this. To see the benefits of this protection please visit www.stain-shield.ltd.uk

Cancellation. Once we have ordered the goods for you from our suppliers, orders cannot be changed or cancelled.

Delivery and Fitting Dates. Our suppliers will often give estimated delivery time, which we will pass on to you. They must not be taken as firm promises or undertakings. Also a fitting date will be given as a guide and may have to be altered at short notice if circumstances arise beyond our control.

Shading. All pile carpets will tread down with traffic. This may result in shading, i.e. to show light and dark patches, this is a natural effect. Light colours will soil and all carpets will fade over time. These tendencies are inherent in all pile fabrics and will not be considered as faults.

Pipes and nailing of Gripper. Any gas/water pipes or wiring should be at least 2” under the surface of the floor. If we are not advised of any
installation less than 2” under the surface, we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur during fixing of gripper and door stripes. If we are advised of possible danger to such pipes, etc., gripper and door strips can be glued. We must also be advised of the location of telephone or alarm wires which may be on the surface of the sub floor and hidden beneath present floor covering. If damage occurs to such hidden wires we cannot be held responsible for the cost of repair.

Natural Flooring. (Coir, Seagrass, Sisal, Jute) Due to the nature of the fibres used these floor coverings can, and will, contain irregularities. Shrinkage is also possible even if the products have been acclimatised properly. These cannot be regarded as faults, as they are inherent to natural fibre floor covering.

Colours. All samples are designed as a guide to colour and quality. Variations will occur within a commercial tolerance.

Widths. Roll widths are subject to a tolerance of + or – 1.25%

Common Sense. If we have to get a very large carpet into a narrow space and around tight corners, the carpet will sometimes brush paintwork and wallpaper. Our staff will be as careful as humanly possible, but if damage does occur due to the nature of the access, we cannot be held responsible for the cost of re-decoration. Similarly, during fitting of floorings we have to force the material between skirting and gripper, if paint has not been prepared correctly, it may flake off. This most commonly occurs if the surfaces have not been sanded between coats.
Also, gloss paint may be soft for several weeks after painting and may, therefore, be damaged. Every care will be taken, but we cannot be held responsible for cost of re-decoration should damage occur due to poor preparation.

Furniture etc. We are happy to help you by moving furniture in order to fit your carpet/flooring but we do ask you to take reasonable steps to assist us. All breakables, valuables, clothes, bedding, televisions, computers etc. should be removed by you to a safe place before we arrive. Wardrobes and chest of drawers and so on should be completely empty if you expect us to move them. If you do not make reasonable attempt to assist us to clear rooms it will result in our being unable to do the work, or a charge being made for the extra time it takes us. (Special arrangements can be made if for physical reason you are unable top move anything)

Door Cutting. If doors do not clear the floor coverings, we can undertake to cut the doors for an agreed extra cost, if we can use our door trimmer machine. The door trimming machine has a crosscut circular saw blade and splintering may occur and paint work may require ‘touching up’. We cannot be held responsible for this. If we cannot use the door trimmer for any reason you will need to employ a carpenter to cut the doors.

VAT. Prices that include VAT do so at the current rate. If the rate changes then our prices will be amended accordingly.

Your statutory rights are not affected.

Estimates are valid for 28 days only